Data Sheet: How RADAR™ Simulates DDoS Attacks And Protects Live Environments

Organizations continue to suffer DDoS repercussions as attackers successfully disrupt networks and cause maximum damage. In addition, more DDoS attacks bypass the best-of-breed mitigation systems because attackers are using new and sly tactics that mitigation systems cannot block unless configured by network-specific settings.

As a solution, continuously validating the effectiveness of the deployed DDoS protection by simulating non-disruptive attacks is critical. However, simulations that require a maintenance window are costly, unreliable, and quickly become irrelevant.

This paper explains how MazeBolt’s transformative technology, RADAR™

Can automatically simulate DDoS attacks on live production
Can avoid causing any disruption
Maximizes the efficiency of deployed DDoS protection
Eliminates all possibilities of DDoS attacks

MazeBolt - Data Sheet - Simulate DDoS & Fully Protect Production - iPad Mockup - 1.2