The Threats That Matter Most

DDoS attacks come in hundreds of variants, depending on the vendor and the coder. They attack Layers 3, 4, and 7. They flood your network with requests, trying to bring your entire network down.

What makes managed DDoS testing so effective is thaWoman&DDoS-July-2018t those hundreds of attacks have been broken down into the 18 most effective attacks, the ones that are generally successful in bringing a system down.

Explore the 18 types of attacks that will try your mitigation attempts in our guide to “The Critical 18 – The DDoS Attack Test Palette.”

Put Your System to the Test

MazeBolt doesn’t actually test for DDoS attacks. MazeBolt tests for DDoS mitigation. That’s why our testing is so effective.

It doesn’t matter which variant of a level 3 attack is targeting your network; it’s whether your mitigation system can defend against them.

MazeBolt’s comprehensive BaseLine DDoS testing identifies your organization's vulnerabilities – and delivers specific insights you can implement to immediately address the flaws.

On average, Mazebolt DDoS testing reduces DDoS vulnerabilities by 60%.

Protect your organization with MazeBolt's DDoS testing services. Get in touch.