Factsheet: DDoS Protection For Gaming Companies

Flawless DDoS Protection for Gaming Companies

The gaming industry attracted the world’s 2.7 billion gamers (i.e., 34.6% of the world population) to spend US$ 174.9 billion on games in 2020. By the year 2023 this could go up to US$200 billon. However, this industry suffered more than 240 million web app attacks in 2020. A single hour of downtime translates into $2 million in losses. Along with revenue losses, is the loss in player trust.

DDoS attackers target the gaming industry for some specific reasons. Learn more about these reasons in this datasheet along with why despite DDoS mitigation solutions, this industry continues to suffer from debilitating DDoS attacks.

 The datasheet also provides a holistic view of existing DDoS mitigation solutions, and how MazeBolt’s transformative technology, RADAR™ can ensure flawless DDoS protection.



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