Datasheet - The New Approach to DDoS Security for the Fintech Industry

Are Fintech companies prepared enough to prevent DDoS attacks? Why are DDoS attackers interested in Fintech companies? Recent studies illustrate the significant targeting of Fintech companies, marking a substantial increase in attacks within the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

No matter which protection services are deployed, Fintech companies are highly exposed to DDoS attacks and the only way to remain DDoS resilient is to adopt non-disruptive DDoS testing and gain continuous and complete visibility into the DDoS security posture. Only through identifying vulnerabilities and prioritized remediation can Fintech companies prevent a DDoS attack, and eliminate the damaging time-to-mitigation (TTM) SLAs and the need for emergency response scenarios.

Download the Datasheet to learn more about the new approach to DDoS security for Fintech companies.

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