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Download BaseLine DDoS Validation Method Handbook

MazeBolt is a leader in DDoS Defenses. It relentlessly works on helping customers to make optimal use of existing DDoS Defenses and ensure Business Continuity. 

This handbook comes from our DDoS Mitigation experts and explains in detail, BaseLine DDoS Validation. It discusses how BaseLine DDoS Validation fine-tunes DDoS Mitigation and the two methods available in the market for DDoS Validation.  

Takeaways from the Handbook :

  • How BaseLine DDoS Validation Method Helps to Avoid Downtime 
  • Layer 3, Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS Attack Vectors
  • Main 19 Attack Vectors that would Substantially Reduce DDoS Risks  
  • BaseLine DDoS Validation that Needs Maintenance Window 
  • BaseLine DDoS Validation on Live Production Environment

If you want to understand how to use DDoS defenses’ to their optimum level and keep DDoS risks to under 2% continuously,  please get in touch.