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Customer Testimonial

"As a Global e-payment platform service availability is critical to our success! MazeBolt's DDoS Radar dramatically reduced our DDoS Gap and perfectly complements our existing DDoS mitigation systems going well beyond traditional DDoS penetration testing. The DDoS Radar provides real time visibility of our DDoS vulnerabilities, allowing us to optimize our DDoS Risk and mitigate DDoS Attacks in a timely manner which was not previously possible. I strongly recommend MazeBolt's DDoS Radar to any company that needs to ensure 24/7 availability"

Yaron Weiss,

Chief Security Officer

Work-From-Home is a Challenge
As concerns associated with the COVID-19 escalate, MazeBolt commits to the contribution of minimizing its impact on day-to-day-lives.
By speaking to our customers and monitoring the COVID-19 situation, we have understood the magnitude of pressure on CISOs and IT teams to scale up & ensure continuity of their remote access services (VPN’s) to support work-from-home employees.

Remote Access VPN
When moving to a remote workforce operation, a VPN’s reliability is likely to become the core of business continuity for many operational needs.
During normal times, VPN connection points are mostly considered a low risk target when it comes to DDoS validations and testing.

In this challenging period, for many organizations, ensuring VPN continuity is ensuring the core of business continuity.

MazeBolt’s Commitment to CSR

MazeBolt understands this challenge and extends a hand of support to security teams during this trying period.

MazeBolt is offering at No Cost, a DDoS validation, focused on VPN services, utilizing our patented DDoS RADAR® technology and SOC team.
With DDoS RADAR® & its automatic cut off technology, we can execute a limited disruptive DDoS validation cycle, with 3x faster coverage, to any sized organization.